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Ordering Process

1Email sent upon receipt of order

When you send an order using the email form, an "order receipt email" is immediately and automatically sent by our company.
If you do not receive this email, you may have made a mistake in entering your email address.
There is also a possibility that the email was not received due to some browser or network problem, and if the problem is not resolved, please contact us directly by telephone.

2Email sent to confirm content of order

This email will notify you of the total purchase amount including fees (*there is no charge for shipping) and the expected product delivery date.
Customers using bank transfer as the payment method should please make payment within one week of receiving this email. As soon as we confirm payment, we will begin product arrangements.
If payment cannot be confirmed in one week, we will cancel the order.
For customers using cash on delivery, we will begin product arrangements after sending this email.

3Notification email sent after shipment

We will send a notification email when the product is finished and shipment is complete.
Normally, the product is shipped to the customer within 2 or 3 days after sending this email.

Declaration relating to specified commercial transactions

Seller Royal Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Manager supervising operations Koji Kokubo
Location 945-2 Nakao, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 336-0932 Japan
*We do not engage in direct sales at this address. Please use the email form to order.
Telephone number +81-48-810-1313
Email address
Payment method ・Bank transfer (advance payment)
Saitama Resona Bank (0017), Urawa Chuo Branch (256), Checking account 0660287
Saitama Resona Bank (0017), Yono Branch (335), Checking account 0105847
Saitama Shinkin Bank (1250), Daito Branch (038), Checking account 0101459
・Cash on delivery
Suggested retail price(tax included) RF0503(60mm Tweeter)… ¥193,050 (per pair)
RF0503BT(60mm Tweeter)… ¥332,200 (per pair)
RF1303(130mm Speaker)… ¥196,900 (per pair)
RF1703(170mm Speaker)… ¥199,100 (per pair)
RF3001(300mm Speaker)… ¥484,000 (per unit)
RSS-133(System 130mm Speaker)… ¥546,700 (per pair)
RSS-173(System 60mm Tweeter & 170mm Speaker)… ¥866,800 (per pair)
RSS-3000(System 60mm Tweeter & 300mm Speaker)… ¥3,740,000 (per pair)
RPS-1000(Comes with 1 AC100V power cord, and 4 DC power cords with speakON plug)… ¥289,300 (per unit)
Necessary payments other than products ・Transfer fees in the case of bank transfer
・The fee for cash on delivery is ¥1,050/model
(*There is no charge for shipping.)
Validity period of application In the case of bank transfer, make the transfer within one week after receiving the email confirming order content.
The order will be cancelled if payment cannot be confirmed within one week.
Product delivery date The customer is notified with an email confirming order content.
This normally takes 4 to 5 days, but it may take a longer time in some cases due to production to order.
We ask for your understanding.
Product delivery method Delivery is limited to within Japan.
There is no charge for shipping.
Order cancellation, returns, defective products As a rule, we do not accept order cancellation, returns, or exchanges at the customer's convenience.
We will accept returns and exchanges for defective products and products that clearly differ from the product explanation.
At that time, please contact us within one week of arrival of the product.
We may not be able to respond to your request if time passes.
Privacy protection This website is operated with customer privacy as a top priority.
Customer personal information is safety accumulated and stored under strict management.
Pertinent information will never be furnished to third parties except when required by law, or when necessary to protect the rights or assets of our company.
Precautions Please be aware that specifications and appearance of products may change without prior notice for reasons of product improvement.

Ordering email form

Name mandatory
Email address mandatory
Telephone number mandatory
Postal code mandatory
Address mandatory
Order RF0503 (60mmTweeter) pair
RF0503BT (60mmTweeter) pair
RF1303 (130mmSpeaker) pair
RF1703 (170mmSpeaker) pair
RF3001 (300mmSpeaker) units
RSS-133 (System 130mmSpeaker) pair
RSS-173 (System 60mmTweeter & 170mmSpeaker) pair
RSS-3000 (System 60mmTweeter & 300mmSpeaker) pair
RPS-1000(comes with 1 AC100V power cord, and 4 DC power cords with speakON plug) units
Payment method mandatory
Inquiry, other
Check mandatory  I consent to the declaration relating to the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Royal Sangyo Co., Ltd.Royal Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Head Office Factory:
〒336-0932 Nakao 945-2, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama, Japan
TEL:+81-48-810-1313 FAX:+81-48-874-3679

Kofu Development Center:
〒400-0112 Natori 298-4, Kai-shi, Yamanashi, Japan
TEL:+81-55-236-9393 FAX:+81-55-236-9390

Business description

Development, design, and manufacturing of speaker units
<Speaker-related parts>
Aluminum/Titanium cap manufacturing, aluminum/titanium diaphragm manufacturing, voice coil assembly
Car speakers, audio speakers, TV speakers

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