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We deliver the finest speakers while responding to a full range of customer needs.

Royal Sangyo Co., Ltd. has the technical ability to develop all sorts of speakers—from small speakers used for devices like smartphones, to large speakers used in theaters and similar applications. To ensure client satisfaction, we offer optimal solutions, and deliver speakers of the highest quality. We carry out design and development at our Kofu Development Center, fabricate diaphragms at our Head Office Factory, and then return to the Kofu Development Center for production, or carry out mass production at our China Factory (an affiliated company). Our integrated speaker production system is our greatest strength, enabling us to incorporate client needs with maximum speed.


3D/2D design
We turn ideals a reality, to suit user needs.

Royal Sangyo Co., Ltd. has the technical ability to develop all sorts of speakers—from
small speakers used for devices like smartphones, to large speakers used in theaters and similar applications.
Our highly-skilled engineers handle design of all sorts of speakers to meet client needs.

Thickness of only 0.01 mm
Metal diaphragms open up a world of possibilities.

Our company has unique technology for manufacturing metal diaphragms with a thickness of 0.01 mm. These metal diaphragms are lightweight, high quality, and tough. They are in high demand from speaker manufacturers outside Japan, and are used all over the world today. This special metal processing technology can be used not only for audio equipment, but also in other areas such as pressure sensors, so feel free to inquire even if you are from another industry.

True artisanship
The technical ability to fabricate beautiful dies.

Metal diaphragms with a thickness of 0.01 mm are hand-manufactured by skilled artisans at our Head Office Factory located in Saitama Prefecture, and you should definitely give them a try. They cannot be made by machine alone, and are a product of our unique technology that can’t be imitated by other companies.

Beautiful sound
We test over and over, and repeatedly cycle through a process of trial and error.

At our Kofu Development Center in Yamanashi, we have a wide range of measurement devices, such as a trial listening box, oscillators, polarity checkers, and Gauss meters, and various types of testing equipment such as a noise generator and thermostatic chamber. In drafting drawings, prototyping, measurement, manufacturing, and all other processes relating to speakers, we use the best technology and equipment.
精度 高品質

The ultimate in precision
We realize high quality through error-free adhesion.

When applying the adhesives used in speaker manufacturing, our skilled artisans use syringes, and restrict amounts to 0.01 g units or less. Our commitment to speaker sound quality is reflected in every detail.

For use in TVs, smartphones, cars…
As long as people need speakers for those

The photo at right shows a car speaker with a thickness of 12 mm, fabricated by our company. As long as speakers are needed in products like TVs, smartphones, and cars, we will produce the speakers clients demand, whether they be thin or large.

DEER field coil speakers
Reviving the sound of an earlier era with the finest

Using our own technology, we have perfectly recreated the field coil speakers that continue to thrill audiophiles, even today. We sell new, high-quality field coil speakers as inexpensively as possible.
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Royal Sangyo Co., Ltd.Royal Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Head Office Factory:
〒336-0932 Nakao 945-2, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama, Japan
TEL:+81-48-810-1313 FAX:+81-48-874-3679

Kofu Development Center:
〒400-0112 Natori 298-4, Kai-shi, Yamanashi, Japan
TEL:+81-55-236-9393 FAX:+81-55-236-9390

Business description

Development, design, and manufacturing of speaker units
<Speaker-related parts>
Aluminum/Titanium cap manufacturing, aluminum/titanium diaphragm manufacturing, voice coil assembly
Car speakers, audio speakers, TV speakers

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