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What is a field coil speaker?

A field coil speaker uses an electromagnet in the magnetic circuit for moving the diaphragm.
From 1920, when speakers first emerged as a product, until around 1960, the field coil speaker was the mainstream speaker product, but after the development of high-quality permanent magnets, all manufacturers switched their speaker manufacturing to the permanent magnet system.This is because permanent magnets do not require a dedicated power supply, and manufacturing costs can be kept low.Due to that change, field coil speakers gradually disappeared from the market.
However, even today, when almost no field coil speakers are being manufactured, a core of audiophiles continues to seek out the sound of field coil speakers, and vintage speakers are traded at high prices.
Field coil speakers produce sound differently from speakers with permanent magnets.With a field coil speaker, the listener can change the sound quality by varying the voltage.
Our belief is that, no matter how times change, there will always be audiophiles who demand field coil speakers, as long as they have a character different from permanent magnet speakers.
At Royal Sangyo, we produce, at the lower possible price, high-quality new field coil speakers for audiophiles. We do this by combining unique technologies we have developed through our experience as a speaker manufacturing company.

Commitment to sound quality

In terms of quality, we produce sound based on the principle of recreating the original sound.
As part of that, we are particularly uncompromising about enabling recreation of crystal clear sound with no distortion—sound with good resolution, that can be listened to for a long time without fatigue, with no jarring on the ears. We also focus on how faithfully we can reproduce musical instrument sounds such as low-end punch and piano. What met these requirements was the DEER series of field coil speakers made by Royal Sangyo.
Also, for the field coil power supply, we conducted various types of test listening using commercial power supplies, but were unable to find an excitation power supply we could be happy with. We realized that, to bring out the performance of DEER, we needed a dedicated field coil power supply, and we couldn't compromise. So we set to work, produced a series of prototypes over a long period, and then perfected and debuted a power supply with the same high quality as our speakers.
Our history of developing field coil speakers is fairly recent, but we pushed forward with the conviction that we would not lose out of other companies, and our company's policy is to continue providing our products worldwide, with the aim of realizing uncompromising, satisfying sound.


Royal Sangyo has successfully held down raw material costs by exploiting our technology and experience as a speaker manufacturing company.
We offer high-quality, new field coil speakers at a price lower than vintage speakers.
Units (separate) come in three sizes: 60 mm tweeter, 130 mm speaker, and 170 mm speaker.
Systems (boxes) are available in two sizes.
We also manufacture cone paper, dampers, and other parts, with careful attention to details like adhesives and solder.

Pricing and sales approach

We sell DEER through our website. To order, please fill out the email order form, and send it to us.
We sell speaker units (separate) and systems (boxes).
Products are produced to order after the order is received. We will notify you of the delivery date by email.

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Business description

Development, design, and manufacturing of speaker units
<Speaker-related parts>
Aluminum/Titanium cap manufacturing, aluminum/titanium diaphragm manufacturing, voice coil assembly
Car speakers, audio speakers, TV speakers

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